Group Dining

Planning a lunch or dinner? Let us make it special in our lovely and open dining room. While we can't offer a private space for your event, we are happy to make adjustments to allow groups of 8 - 10 to dine on a single table and parties of 11 - 18 to dine on two or three adjacent tables.

For parties of 8 to 18, we work with you to create a special event menu, selected from current menu options. Your guests can then order according to their whim from those selections. Please email us at to book your next event.  Looking forward to helping you with any questions or if you need help with menu decisions. 

Pricing and Sample Menu Designers




We invite and encourage anyone interested in hosting a party at CSC to come on in and taste some wine at your convenience. Our full list is available to you, come in and we’ll pop some bottles. We'll help select a white, or a red, or a white and a red, and have it ready for your guests when they arrive. And selecting wine prior to ensures we won’t run out just as things are getting good. Beverages will be charged at a la carte pricing.

A 3.75% hospitality administrative fee will be added at the end of the meal. For more information on these charges, see our open letter to the restaurant community.

Call us at 617-524-9217. Cheers,