San Francisco Wine Dinner

For this month's wine dinner we're bringing it a little bit closer to home. While many think of New York's little Italy or The North End in Boston as the hubs of Italy in America, it is actually San Francisco that is home to the oldest Italian restaurant in the U.S. With a climate that mirrors much of southern Italy and immediate access to fresh seafood, San Francisco offers some of America's closest comparisons to the old country alongside the uniquely San Franciscan. 

What's uniquely San Franciscan, you ask? Our third course, Cioppino.

San Francisco sits at the southern edge of the wine region known as the North Coast, and the wines for our dinner hail from AVAs within it. Lean expressions of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from Lake County and Mendocino, and a light and zippy Mendocino Pinot Noir begin our evening. Sturdier Bordeaux and Rhone varietals grown in the warmer climes and (seemingly) eternal sunshine of Sonoma provide a bolder finish.

Chef Brian Rae and GM Alex Gang are excited to come home. Won't you join us?      

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